Your new online whiteboard companion


Brainstorm Notebook complements "think hard"

The advantage of an online whiteboard is that it allows you to “unify opinions” and “interactively exchange opinions”.
However, it has the drawback of not being able to come up with ideas on its own. Complement it with a Brainstorm Notebook.

Proposal of idea process

As shown in this figure, it is recommended to use them properly. It is a cardinal rule of the ideation process to ``make a difference between the ideation phase and the sharing phase,'' but by combining an online whiteboard and a Brainstorm Notebook, it is possible to make a good distinction.

Thoughts in common as partners
Brainstorm Notebook and online whiteboards share the idea of ​​"sharing everything" (storing all thoughts). The two tools are highly compatible, so I think it's easy to use them in combination.

Buddy that can rearrange

Since you can scan separately at once, you can also group them in case of emergency.