(For the top page) VS copy paper with the same pattern

Copy paper is OK for a few ideas

If you have a large amount, I definitely think HASSOHO® notebooks.

If you only have a few ideas, you can use copy paper, but copy paper can cause a lot of trouble when writing out many ideas and repeating trial and error. The HASSOHO® Notebook eliminates most of these annoyances.

100 ideas of copy paper annoyance

Please try to imagine. When I came up with 100 ideas with copy paper printed with the same pattern...

  1. Annoyance of messing up the order
  2. Ideas are overflowing from my head all the time, but the annoyance of thinking stops when the paper ends
  3. The hassle of lining up 100 proposals in preparation for an idea meeting
  4. Bulging bundles of paper that make you lose the desire to organize them

It's a small piece of paper, but it's copy paper that always comes with the same annoying time.

HASSOHO® Notebook is a valuable time-saving tool

The HASSOHO® notebook is a little expensive, but it is a super time-saving tool that eliminates all these troublesome times that inevitably occur in the ideation experience and allows you to concentrate on coming up with ideas.