Winning strategy supplement 6: Is grouping necessary?



What you ultimately want is

"Only one strongest inconvenience and dissatisfaction"

And it is one story (concept) that was born there. It is not a grouped sticky note. Once you have that strong concept, you can organize the flow with sticky notes to make the details easier to understand.

Grouping may be effective if you go through the adult process of "put out 100 pieces and choose one from among them", but "if you put out 100 or 1000 pieces, one idea will naturally come to your mind. If you are aiming for the phenomenon of "I've swooped down inside ... I can't help but want to do this ( no, let me do it ) " , there is no work as roundabout as grouping .

In fact, I have also had countless experiences of writing a lot on sticky notes and dividing them into groups. "Shall we divide into groups for now?" But I've never really had a critical inconvenience, frustration, or concept after grouping. Rather, the work to put out will stop, "Now, how to choose from here ...". If you want to take the shortest route, it is recommended not to divide into groups . Grouping is tempting, but I think we should try not to do it .



However, this is just my opinion, and I'm sure there are many different ways of thought.