Winning method Chapter 4-1 Idea tools to use


There are two tools out there. "Tools that are easy to put out" and "Tools that are hard to put out" . Tool selection is extremely important if you want to take the shortest route.

So which tool should I use? conclusion,

Use Brainstorm Notebook .

The reason is that it is an idea tool that was created to realize this winning strategy straight . Specifically, it is because it is an idea tool that is “the easiest to throw out” .


At the time of Death Game, Brainstorm Notebook didn't exist yet. Originally, I used sticky notes, but I seriously think, "At the time of the death game, if we had Brainstorm Notebook, how efficient would it be..." If you can travel back in time, this Brainstorm Notebook is the No. 1 thing you want to give to yourself at that time.