Numbering (Brainstorm Notebook 001)





The idea experience is definitely better with "numbering" . If you can purchase it, I definitely recommend "with numbering".






In the field of ideation, we name plans A , B , and C , and discuss and make notes such as "Idea B is better than A and C, isn't it?" With numbering, you can do the same thing with all 2,800 proposals without any hassle .





In a word



"Super time-saving technology"


Numbering should save you a lot of trouble when you have a lot of ideas.




Composition (Overview)


All different numbering is printed on each square . Numbering is a combination of numbers and letters, such as " 12 ", " A1 ", " AA ". The numbering " A1 " does not appear twice in one book.







It is printed in "small letters" and "thin letters" so as not to be an eyesore during the idea. (Those who have difficulty reading small letters may not be able to use the numbering effectively.)


Left figure: Illustration with emphasized numbering

Right figure: A figure close to the actual appearance





Difference between "No" and "Yes"



Basically, there is no difference other than with or without numbering .

None: grid design only

Yes: grid design + numbering




Order of letters (100 pages)



*The text is emphasized to make it easier to read. It's not what it actually looks like. The actual appearance is small letters and light colors.





Note 1: Font size



Numbering is printed in small letters. Please note that people who have difficulty seeing small characters may not be able to use the service effectively. (All our employees can see without problems.)




Note 2: Fading



The numbering "near the crease" may be faded and not printed. Specifically, the squares in the last row of each page often do not print well. This is a problem that inevitably occurs due to manufacturing technology. It may not be printed, or it may be printed luckily. This issue occurs about 50 % of the time per page. Please purchase after understanding.


Example: Brainstorm Notebook 001 → Often not printed

*For explanation purposes, the numbering is emphasized to make it easier to see.


"Designs without numbering at the very edge of the crease" are often all printed.


Example: Brainstorm Notebook F 1 → All printed

*For explanation purposes, the numbering is emphasized to make it easier to see.



How to use if it is faint



Even if the numbering is partially blurred, the experience of coming up with ideas will definitely improve if there is numbering. Also, even if part of the numbering is blurred , you can guess which numbering it is from the sequence of strings before and after. (In the impression of the Brainstorm Notebook developer, it is not so inconvenient even if you actually use it in the idea work because you can guess.)


An example you can guess: 1 of Brainstorm Notebook 001 in the image above The faint part of the page number can be guessed as 23, 24, 26, 28 from the top.


I strongly recommend numbering over no numbering, because you can cite and argue about every idea, even if it is vague, if you can guess it.