"Hmm, it's a little strange, but let's write it down" x 100



The quickest way to come up with a good idea is to repeat "Hmm, it's a little weird, but I'll write it down" over and over again. Here are some examples.

(1st idea) "Okay, anything is fine for now, let's write it!"

(Second proposal) "This is different. How about this?"

(3rd proposal) "That's not right. How about this?"

(6 ideas) "If this is it?"

(8 proposal) "If this is it?"

(Proposal 10) "Oh! This might be good! Can we use this as a base?"

(No. 11) "Then what is this?"

(No. 12) "No, no, what is this?"

(13 ideas) "What is this?"

…(infinite loop)

By repeating this, the probability of arriving at a good idea increases. The example was an illustration, but the text is the same.