A tool for generating ideas

If you use a brain note, ideas will come out quickly.

It goes out like this

First, let's look at the actual flow of ideas.


(1 draft )

"Okay, anything is fine for now, so let's write it down!"

(2 proposals )

"This is different. How about this?"

(3 proposals )

"That's not right. How about this?"

(6 proposals )

"If this?"


(8 proposals )

"If this?"


(10 proposals )

"Ah! This might be good!"

"Can we use this as a base?"

(11 proposals )

"Then what is this?"

(11 proposals )

"No no, what is this?"

(12 proposals )

"this is?"

(infinite loop)

How about that?

In this way, ideas will flow out more and more, and if you keep repeating it, you will come to a good idea.

Of course, you can do it not only with illustrations, but also with sentences.

Idea beginner 〇 Idea professional ◎

If you use the breastnote,

I'm not good at coming up with ideas

Even if you are a beginner with ideas

I get ideas

Active in the field of ideas

If a professional of ideas uses it, it will not stop anymore.

Use it and you'll know.

I'm sure you'll be surprised by how good it feels.

The reason why ideas come out

There are two reasons.

Reason 1

Because you can do "It's subtle, but let's write it for now" (a must-see for beginners)

Reason 2

Because you can keep thinking without stopping ( a must-see for creative professionals)

Reason 1: "It's subtle, but let's write it down for now"

out of ideas

The most difficult one is "Proposal 1"


It's only natural to think, "What if I write something weird in a blank notebook, and I can't lay it out neatly?" It's common for beginners to come up with ideas, but even the author who is used to coming up with ideas thinks so.

on the other hand,

If it's a sticky note

"It's subtle, but let's write it for now" can be done.

The reasons are (1) you don't have to worry about the layout because you write in small sections, and (2) you can rewrite even if it's subtle or you make a mistake.

In the same way as sticky notes, you can also write "it's subtle, but let's write it down anyway" with breastnotes.

that is,

Breastnotes are almost like sticky notes

That's why.

①Because it is divided by squares

don't worry about the layout

②Because squares continue infinitely

Even if you fail the first plan, you still have 2799 squares left, so it's okay.

Therefore, you can “write down” what comes to your mind.

What I want to say to beginners

There are two.


"Let's just write it down" x 100 times = good idea

That means.

Good ideas don't come suddenly. While repeating "Let's write it for the time being", we arrive at a good idea.

the other one is

There is currently no paper tool that allows you to feel free to "write for the time being" more than a brain note

That means.

The difference between sticky notes and brainnotes is whether they can be used easily at home. If you use it with a sticky note, it will get in the way, so it is quite difficult to use. Breastnotes are easy to use at home.

Reason 2: I can keep thinking without stopping thinking

The reason why "I can keep putting out all the time"

Briefly, the breastnote is

Because the squares continue infinitely


If you step in a little, the breast note

Eliminate all distracting elements

Idea tool that succeeded in doing

That's why.

Once you stop thinking, it's "the end".

For example, before lunchtime, you might think, “Oh, it’s over?

I was riding the wave Once my thoughts stopped, it was over.

This is the element of time that stopped thinking, but there are many cases where thinking stops because of the idea tool (tool).

Elements that stop thinking due to tools

There are many.

can you express yourself freely

When I'm typing, my thoughts stop when I want to draw an illustration or diagram. Handwriting on paper gives you freedom of expression, so it's hard to stop thinking. By the way, it seems that Jobs also thought on paper.

Are there any space constraints?

With notebooks and copy paper, thinking stops when you have finished writing to the end. The brain notebook has infinite space and you can't stop thinking.

No matter how much you write, it will fit in an A4 spread

With sticky notes, the more you write, the more space you fill up. Thinking stops when you can't put sticky notes on your desk. No matter how much you write in a breastnote, it will remain compact for the rest of your life.

no batteries required

When working on a computer or tablet, I work while paying attention to the remaining battery level. Breastnote does not require batteries. Your battery should die first.

bugs never happen

Computers, smartphones, and tablets have bugs. Thinking stops the moment a bug occurs. Breastnote never bugs.

The breastnote is

clear all these problems


That's why you can "continue to put out" breast notes .

I can't stop thinking is is the best .

What I want to say to the professional of the idea

Including all paper and digital tools

There is no tool that keeps you thinking more than a brain notebook

I think. That's why I made it.

Please let me know if there are other good tools. I want to use it.

Other recommended points

Once you get started, the ideas will come to you! The charm of the breast notebook is that it becomes

"I'm tired! Let's continue at the cafe."

It's also attractive to be able to do it.

You can't "continue at the cafe" with sticky notes.

Ideas! The more times you activate the , the better the idea tool

I think.

If there is a lot of activation timing, it will come occasionally

You will not miss the timing of "Ah! I got an idea".


You can change your mood by changing your place

It's important.

No matter how good the idea tool is, it won't come out when you don't come up with ideas.

You don't have to be in the same place for 10 hours straight. All you have to do is separate the place and time every two hours . Every 5 minutes would be fine. All you have to do is come up with ideas.


Please enjoy Brain Note's "Idea Doba Doba Experience"!