Do you have enough ideas?


You can change the world if you can come up with ideas

Are you able to put out this much?


"I can't put it out anymore... " I put it out until I think

I didn't have a good idea tool to put out, so I made Brainstorm Notebook.

A: We gave a lot! B: Well, I can't take it out anymore...


Put out until you think "I want to do this!"

If you can make it to the end, you should be able to "naturally find the idea you want to do" instead of "choosing an idea".

A: Which plan should we choose? B: No money! let me do this! ask!

It is Brainstorm Notebook that can be put out so far.


I couldn't put it out because of the tools

There are two types of tools. "Tools that can be used" and "Tools that are difficult to use". It's not your fault that we didn't make it to the last minute. It's a tool issue.