Keep coming up with ideas = best


It is a tool that can keep riding the waves

It is often said that ideas should be thought out on paper first (Steve Jobs was also a paper thinker), but with notebooks and sketchbooks, you can't keep coming up with ideas on the same page, so ideas are still coming out . Even if it was, I stopped putting it out, and the letters were getting smaller and smaller . ( Thinking stops because of the tools you use. )


With Brainstorm Notebook, you can expand the space, so as long as you have ideas in your head, you can keep coming up with ideas. ( Tools don't get in the way of you thinking )
Don't stop to think.

Even if you cannot unfold the paper itself, such as when using it in a cafe or other place where the desk is narrow, you can continue to come up with ideas while drawing the state of the unfolded paper in your head because you are writing on the same sheet of paper. I can.