concept 2

There are tools that everyone can come up with 100 or 1000 ideas.

I didn't have a good tool for "making 100 or 1000 ideas by myself ", so I made it

A: We gave a lot! △ B: I can't do it anymore...◎
It is an idea tool that can be put out until it becomes like this
(I couldn't get this far with the tools I've had so far)

A: Which plan should we choose? △ B: No money needed! let me do this! ask! ◎

I made it because I didn't have a good idea tool that I could come up with until I could do this

A: This mapping is the product, I used all the plans B: These 3 plans are the product, I discarded the remaining 997 plans

It is an ideation tool based on the concept of "If you have time to rearrange, why don't you come up with 50 more ideas?"