(Top) In an era where all dead ideas are shared?

like the best designers

Did you go see the ㊙️ Exhibition Rarely Seen Original Drawings by Designers held in Roppongi, Japan in 2019? It was a spectacular exhibition where you can see the original drawings of the best designers representing Japan. Among them, this exhibition by graphic designer Taku Satoh , who worked on many designs such as package design for "Lotte Xylitol Gum" and "Meiji Oishii Milk".

number of sketches. A tremendous amount of consideration. List presentation. It was spectacular. If you can make a process presentation of such a top designer, there is no doubt that the discussion will be lively.

With the HASSOHO® Notebook, you can easily share your ideas that you have written down on a daily basis in a presentation like this, even in a daily idea meeting.

Other top designer original drawings are featured in this article .
*To the organizers of the ㊙️ exhibition: The exhibition photos are posted on this site because there was a notice that "shooting is allowed and sharing on SNS is allowed", but if there is a problem, the image will be deleted. so please contact us.

Share the whole plan just by spreading it out

Since the thoughts are saved, you can easily share the entire plan by simply unfolding the HASSOHO® notebook .

So far, I've narrowed it down to 3 ideas

In the past, it was not possible to show the material as it was, so it was necessary to "always limit the time to create materials to about 3 proposals", but with HASSOHO® Notebook, this is not necessary. Feel free to share all your ideas.

Explain only "favorite idea"

You don't have to explain every idea, even if you share the whole idea. "Being there" is important. Here's a template for an explanation when sharing a full proposal. (I think it's okay to have different styles.)

The flow is like this.
① I've been thinking about the theme ***** of the other day.
(2) In conclusion, I would like to go with this plan.
③The reason is *****.
(4) As for the process, we came up with ideas like this and other ideas based on these policies, but in the end we thought that this plan was the best.
⑤ How do you like it?

Even if you come up with 100 ideas, I think it's okay to explain only the conclusion. If you have a separate, easy-to-read document like PowerPoint, I think it's fine to just show it without explanation.

Please try to arrange the sharing method in various ways so that it is easy to convey.

"I like this idea too"

Even if you only explain the favourites, having all the ideas in common will spur discussion and, even if all the ideas are lost, the future direction will be decided quickly .

If you had 100 proposals in the same way and only shared a few, it would be a situation of "Well, it's strange, isn't there anything else?" You can avoid this by sharing all your ideas.

The favorite idea out of 100, it must be a good idea

Another benefit of sharing all ideas is that you can "see the best ideas" without having to explain the dead ones.



Even if only three proposals are explained, X feels that "only three proposals have been submitted" and Y feels that "three proposals have been narrowed down out of 100 proposals."