(Top) In an era where materials are almost zero?

Share by unfolding

Originally, when I came up with an idea, I had to put it together in a document. On the other hand, the HASSOHO® notebook is designed so that the content can be roughly conveyed by simply unfolding the HASSOHO® notebook that was used during the ideation .

Trial and error sandbox = shared materials that can be shown as they are

A piece of paper that you think is "neither this nor that" is usually not shown as is in a shared meeting. Because it really looks like a 'sandbox', like in this picture. Therefore, it was necessary to "always" set aside time to prepare materials.

However, the HASSOHO® notebook is easy to read from the beginning, and has an appearance that can save time when creating materials .

time to share ideas with team

Minimum 3 hours → almost zero OK

In the past, you had to write your ideas down on paper and put them together in a PowerPoint-like material before you could share them with your team. No matter how fast you put it together, it will take about 3 hours. It becomes almost zero, and work efficiency rises very much.

because of the text

In the field of designer's idea, we adopt the idea process to share the sketch as it is, but it is possible because it is an illustration that can be understood at a glance, and it can not be shown as it is when considering only text .

With the HASSOHO® notebook, even though the "trial and error with text" is the same, it has a very easy-to-read appearance. The HASSOHO® Notebook is not only useful for studying illustrations, but is also "a tool that we would definitely like you to use for trial and error with text."

Appearance that is easy for others to see

The HASSOHO® notebook has an easy-to-read format of “one idea, one division” and is arranged in a list . As a result, the contents can be understood roughly without "creating materials for easy viewing" .

easy to explain yourself

HASSOHO® notebooks are always lined up in the order in which ideas were presented. In other words , the order is such that you can clearly understand "what flow led to the creation of the favorite idea ." Since the person who came up with the idea understands ``where and what kind of idea is written'', it is easy to explain as it is.

Easy to explain, 5 minute arrangement

To make it easier to explain, if you want to show the points of interest (such as the part of the favorite idea), you can explain it sufficiently by sticking a sticky note or adding a mark on the PC. You can do that in 5 minutes. It's overwhelmingly easier than making a power point for 3 hours.

Even if you are not good at explaining, you can spend almost no time creating materials, so you can spend your free time creating manuscripts for explanations .

share digitally

You can share it directly on paper, or you can share it on your computer. The best recommendation for PC software is the sharing method of "just pasting the photo data on the online whiteboard". (details later)

Reduce labor costs

By streamlining the work of creating materials, it also leads to a reduction in labor costs. You can also use the free time to create more innovative ideas.