numbering design point





We have incorporated four ingenuity so that you can have a smooth ideation experience.




1. Unobtrusive design



If the numbering is easy to see, it will catch your eye while you are thinking and it will break your concentration. This is fatal as an idea tool. For that reason, we are devising ways to not be an eyesore while thinking.



Specifically, the letters are small and light in color to make them difficult to see.



This will

・Don't worry about numbering while thinking

・If you try to see the numbering, you can read it properly

It is designed aiming at the last minute where both are compatible.




2. Non-obtrusive character arrangement



It incorporates another device that "doesn't get in the way when you're thinking".

It is "display with reduced number of characters" .


If you number the numbers in order, the 2800th square will be printed with "2800 " in 4 characters, but if you leave it as it is, it will be an eyesore. Therefore, by combining numbers and alphabets, all squares are numbered with one or two letters. " lW " is displayed in the 2800th square.


With this ingenuity, we have succeeded in taking the non-obtrusive ideation experience to the next level.





3. A character array in which the "same character" does not appear even once



Even if there are 2,800 squares, we have adopted a character arrangement in which the same character never appears while maintaining the above "1 or 2 character" display.


For example, the numbering " 12 ", " A1 ", and " AA " do not appear twice in one volume .




4. Character order in which "characters with the same name" are farther apart


It's a little ingenious, but for example, A1 and a1 are called "e-ichi" or "a-one". Although they are different in letter notation, when discussing ideas, if they are close to each other, they will be confused.