How to use numbering





If the number of ideas is small, there is no inconvenience without numbering, but when the number of ideas becomes large, numbering should save a lot of trouble .




1. When to quote



〇 With numbering

You can make a note like "R8 plan and R9 plan look good" (can be quoted)


△ No numbering

It's hard to take notes even if you think "that plan and this plan look good"


2. When to argue


〇 With numbering

You can argue like "I like the P5 plan better than the N2 plan" (identified by voice only)


△ No numbering

It is necessary to point to the discussion, such as "This plan is better than this plan."


3. When photographed


Take a photo of the proposal

A few days later, "Huh? Whose idea was this photo?"



〇 With numbering

"It's R8, so it's around that area." (I know where the idea is.)


△ No numbering

hard to find the place




what i want to say


There are three major examples, but " 1. Quote" is the most recommended point. When you have a lot of ideas, there will be a lot of situations where you have to cite them by numbering. It works great and saves a lot of time.