Features of Brainstorm Notebook




Basic shape



1. Infinite grid design

2. About A4 compact bellows shape

3. With perforations that can be separated in the middle




Basic usage



1. come up with an idea

Examples: 100 consecutive outputs, remote working machine gun inspired attacks, etc.


2. share it

Example: Speedy Inazuma presentation, etc.


3. store

Example: lunchtime hyper-quick bookshelf storage, etc.




convenient technology


1. One-shot disjoint scan technology

*Bold design only


2. Full numbering technology

*Numbering model only


3. idea list technology




Recommended person



1. idea pro

This is because it is a tool made for use in the field of ideas.


2. Beginners who are not good at thinking

I don't think there is a tool that makes it easier to come up with ideas.


3. everyone in the world

“Write down 100 things you want to do in life”

"Write down 1000 things you are grateful for"

Because it can be used in various ways such as




Recommended usage



Please see the top page .




In one word



"The tool that makes it easier to come up with ideas in the world"


"Super time saver"




Serious ideation videos



See here .