Recommended usage of Breast Note 001

Recommended usage of Breast Note 001

When thinking about a product concept

It is recommended to use it by simply writing down the inconveniences and dissatisfaction in the world that will be the basis of the product concept. Breastnote 001 has a lot of squares, so you can write down even the smallest things. Click here for details on how to use

When drawing a lot of illustrations

Since the squares are small, Breastnote 001 is suitable for drawing illustrations with a small display area, such as logos. Also, since many illustrations can be placed on one page, it is easier to compare them in a list than other tools.

Used to write down daily dissatisfaction and gratitude

If you write down 100 things that you feel dissatisfied with on a daily basis, you can see the whole picture and feel refreshed. You might find a solution too. It is also recommended when you give out 1000 daily gratitude. How about for your partner or friend?

It is recommended that you write a lot of sentences.