Those who want to try it once




You can try it in two ways.




1. How to share with multiple people



It is recommended to share one book with 2 to 5 people and try it for a small amount. Because there is a perforation, it is possible to divide it neatly by multiple people. If you have more than 20 pages, you should be able to fully feel the goodness of this notebook.




2. How to make your own



You can try the same usability by printing the paper with the same squares yourself and connecting the paper to the paper with tape . (By the way, I used this procedure when making a breastnote prototype.)


However, as a point to note when making your own, if the number of pages is small, you will lose the sense of security that the squares continue endlessly, and it will be difficult to feel the goodness of the breastnote. If you are making your own, try connecting at least 10 pages of paper together .




Recommended trial method


It is not possible to finish it beautifully by yourself, and it takes time and effort, so "Share with multiple people" is the most recommended .