One-shot separate scan (for top page)



Reorder when needed.


By eliminating the "sorting function" like a sticky note, Brainstorm Notebook has become able to concentrate on coming up with ideas .


In case of emergency, we also added a "function that allows you to rearrange digitally" . It is a one-shot disjoint scan technology.



Design that can be scanned separately in one shot

The one-shot split scan is a function that can only be used for bold designs (001, 004, 005). (Not available on F1, C1, etc. models.)




By using one of the two types of smartphone apps, you can perform a one-shot disjointed scan.

Post-it® (3M Company)

This app is recommended for sorting ideas (grouping, etc.) in Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator.


Miro: online whiteboard (RealtimeBoard Inc.)

If you want to rearrange your ideas in Miro, use the Break Apart feature in Miro's smartphone app. Post-it® also has a menu to import it into Miro, but I don't recommend it because the illustration will be forcibly converted to text.


If you feel that "Online whiteboards are great, but I can't think straight with handwriting, that's the downside."




Tip 1

If you shoot in a bright place, the scanning accuracy will increase.



Tip 2

By cutting the color clear file with scissors and shooting, the scanning accuracy at the time of shooting will be higher (than shooting without the color clear file), and the scanned image will be captured neatly, so it is recommended.

In Japan, colored clear files are sold at 100-yen shops in packs of 10 (5 colors x 2).