What is a reservation purchase?




Currently, we are adopting a sales system with reservation purchase only .









Unlike general sales methods, where the product is delivered 2-3 days after purchase, the product will be delivered after a minimum of one month and a maximum of two months after the pre-order purchase.







To meet various design needs.




Estimated delivery date of the product



In the case of delivery within Japan, it will be delivered about 1 month after the reservation reception end date .


Example) Example of delivery within Japan

Product order date: October 15, 2022

Reservation acceptance end date: October 31, 2022

Estimated delivery date of the product: Around early December 2022


For international deliveries, it will take an additional week.







Reason for late delivery


To start manufacturing products after accepting reservations .






payment timing


Pay in advance . By completing the payment for the product price, the reservation purchase will be completed.


*If paying by credit card, the reservation purchase will be completed when the credit card payment is completed. Please note that your credit card may be charged before the product is delivered, depending on when the product arrives.




Next reservation reception start date


Not decided . If we determine that there is no need for the product, we will not sell it from the next time onwards.







Q. Is there a notification in advance of the shipping schedule of the product?

A. There is no advance notification by email. We will notify you of the shipping tracking number by email at the time of shipment. The latest shipment status will be announced on Twitter at any time.






Q. If I purchase multiple pre-order items at once, how will they be delivered?

A.It will be shipped when all the products are ready .


If you wish to have the items that can be shipped at any time, please place separate orders for each item.

Example 1) When pre-purchasing 3 copies of product A

OK with one payment ( delivered together )

Example 2) When pre-purchasing one copy of product A and pre-purchasing one copy of product B

→ If you split the payment into two payments, we will deliver the finished product first.