Until now, I couldn't show all the proposals (especially the text)


Trial and error sandbox = shared materials that can be shown as they are

A piece of paper that you think is "neither this nor that" is usually not shown as is in a shared meeting. Because it really looks like a 'sandbox', like in this picture.

Therefore, it was necessary to "always" set aside time to prepare materials and narrow down to about three favorite proposals.

However, the Brainstorm Notebook is easy to read from the beginning, and it looks like it's okay to save the time to create materials .

because of the text
In the field of designer's idea, we adopt the idea process to share the sketch as it is, but it is possible because it is an illustration that can be understood at a glance, and it can not be shown as it is when considering only text .

If it's a Brainstorm Notebook, it's the same "trial and error with text", but it looks very easy to read. Brainstorm Notebook is a tool that you should use not only for illustration consideration, but also for trial and error with text.