price list



Numbering (patent pending technology)
none can be
1 book 1,820 yen 2820 yen
21 book set 1,820 yen x 20
= 36,400 yen (free for one book)
2,820 yen x 20
= 56,400 yen (free for one book)



All prices include tax .






For those who feel that "I want it but the price is too high"


For those who want to try it for a small amount, we recommend sharing one book with 2 to 5 people . Because there is a perforation, it is possible to divide it neatly by multiple people. If you have more than 20 pages, you should be able to fully feel the goodness of this notebook.




Price difference with and without numbering



It uses a special manufacturing technique, which makes it expensive. I feel that the price of stationery has increased by 1000 yen, but if you think that 1000 yen increase will save you the trouble of manually numbering each of the 2800 * squares . It may be cheap. (*In the case of Breast Note 001 )





About future prices



In the future, we plan to gradually review the prices of products that have become popular and can be mass-produced to make them more affordable.