product package







It will be packed and delivered in a transparent plastic package .







Do not throw away the package immediately, but use it as a storage or carrying bag for your breast notebook. Uses materials and designs that are easy to use for storage, etc.







The following materials are used for easy storage and portability.


・Plastic package with excellent water resistance and scratch resistance

・The transparent package allows you to see the contents without taking out the contents .

・Durable package made of tear- resistant material *


*Instead of the cheap material " OPP bag" used in general plastic packages, we have adopted a material " CPP bag" that is more resistant to tearing. Click here for a reference video (differences between OPP and CPP bags)






We have adopted an unassuming design that makes it easy to see what you put in .


Specifically, we adopted the following design.

・Omit the contents of the print as much as possible → the contents can be seen clearly

・Move the print to the bottom (clear the center) → the contents can be seen clearly

・The print color is inconspicuous white → The print disappears as it blends with the background color of the paper. As a result, the inside becomes the leading role.