Product package development story







In order to achieve both ease of use and consideration for the global environment, we have adopted a product package based on the "long-use concept ."




How to give consideration to the global environment



By incorporating the idea of ​​​​"minimizing the amount of garbage that will inevitably occur", we have considered the global environment as much as possible.




long use concept



From the beginning of development, we wanted to consider the global environment as much as possible as a "manufacturing company" that handles large amounts of resources.


However, since Brainstorm Notebook are made of paper, in order to safely deliver the product to the customer, it is necessary to use a plastic package from the viewpoint of waterproofing. Even so, in order to be as environmentally friendly as possible, I was wondering if I should use paper packaging, even if it meant reducing its functionality.


Waterproof and environmentally friendly. What I came up with as a way to reconcile these two contradictory ideas was to change the way of thinking about "how to consider the global environment ." Specifically, we wanted to extend the strengths of plastic packaging and make it into a package that can be used until the end (=a package that can live out its life until the end) , rather than a package that is thrown away as soon as it arrives.


The “long-use concept” package was born from such an idea.




Ingenuity point



In order to realize the long-use concept, we made three ingenuity.

1. How to make a bag that will naturally be used for a long time

2. Adopt a design that can be used for a long time

3. Uses materials that can be used for a long time




1. How bags should naturally be used for a long time



The point was to take advantage of the transparency of the plastic package and consider it not only for "mailing" products but also for "storage and transportation ."


Of course, it is possible to store and carry even if it is not transparent. However, if you put it in a brown envelope, you can't see the contents unless you take it out one by one. On the other hand, with a transparent plastic package, you can see the contents inside, so you don't have to worry about that. In addition, the developer of Brainstorm Notebook also tries to ``store documents and small items so that the contents can be seen as much as possible'' in everyday life. A bag would be nicer," he thought. Especially for Brainstorm Notebook, which have a variety of lineups, a bag whose contents cannot be seen at a glance is fatal. Therefore, from the perspective of usability, we thought that "a transparent package that allows the contents to be seen is the best solution" for storing the Brainstorm Notebook .


Based on the above, we decided to make the product package a package that maximizes "storing and carrying and using it for a long time (= naturally using it for a long time)" without throwing it away as soon as it arrives.




2. "Design" that can be used for a long time



We have adopted a design that allows you to clearly see what you put in, which the package itself does not insist on. Specifically, we adopted the following design.


1. Omit the printed content as much as possible

→I can see the contents clearly


2. Align the print to the bottom (clear the center )

→I can see the contents clearly


3. Print color is inconspicuous white

→The print blends with the color of the paper and becomes invisible, and what you put in becomes the main character.



*Even in transparent plastic packages, for example loose-leaf packages, the product name and instructions are printed large on the entire surface. In this way, you can't see what you put in, and the bag is the main role rather than the contents. For the Brainstorm Notebook bag, we adopted a design in which the contents play a leading role.




3. "Materials" that can be used for a long time



Even if you want to use it for storage or transportation, if it is torn immediately, it cannot be used for a long time. Especially for Brainstorm Notebook, unlike loose-leaf notebooks, which are taken out one by one, the whole book is taken out. For this reason, Brainstorm Notebook bags are made with a “tear-resistant bag material” .


Specifically, instead of using the inexpensive OPP bag material used in general plastic packaging, we have adopted a more durable material, the CPP bag.


* OPP bags are mainly used for loose-leaf bags. Click here for a reference video showing the difference between OPP and CPP bags






As an initiative for the global environment, we use bags that adopt the following 3 points of "minimize garbage" design .


1. How to make a bag that will naturally be used for a long time

→ Give the bag the function of "for storage and carrying"


2. Adopt a design that can be used for a long time

→ Adopting a design in which "the contents play a leading role"


3. Uses materials that can be used for a long time

→ Adoption of "tear-resistant" bag material




How it will be done in the future



Currently, we have given up on using it due to cost issues, but we are considering using a plastic package that contains plant-derived biomass components in the future. Specifically, it can contribute to "conservation of petroleum resources" and "reduction of CO2 emissions."


・"Conservation of petroleum resources": Conservation of petroleum resources can be achieved by blending plant-derived raw materials during manufacturing.
・"Reduction of CO2 emissions": CO2 generated by incineration at the time of disposal is absorbed by plants used as raw materials for manufacturing, creating a virtuous cycle that does not increase CO2 .




Bonus 1



The above contents were summarized in Brainstorm Notebook 005 .




Bonus 2



The Brainstorm Notebook developer was researching "design for long-term use" for his graduation thesis at university.