When a problem is found 2. Conclusion Kou does this

If it's Kou, in Brain Note 001, she just writes down the causes she can think of . I'll probably write about 200 of them.

Until you can identify the cause that you are satisfied with

I will write it out.

When I start writing one, it comes out like an association game, so I think I will write about 200 in three hours. The reason is that 200 pieces is a margin because if you put out something that is not a big deal, it will come out more and more.

Recommended direction
Even if you discuss it without deepening your thoughts, it is certain that you will enter into an air battle, so it is efficient to discuss something that someone has deepened deeply. In that case, it is a good idea for one person with passion (0 people who want to do x people who want to do it) to take it home and write it down.

Tool point
The point of using Breastnote is that you can put out as much as you want whenever you want.