When a problem is found 3. Discuss on the spot

"Discussion on the spot" is × for aerial battle

If you discuss it on the spot, it will be an air battle, so it seems that you can't go deep into your thoughts. Even if I went deep into the room, I would have to work hard for about four hours in a conference room with bad air, and my head would hurt. Some people will drop out, and I'll be like, "Do I have to make it up with the remaining people?

i.e. this is

It's a way of gambling that you don't know if you can get your thoughts together.

If you are lucky enough to get your thoughts together, you are lucky.

Even if we discuss it for about four hours, I think each individual can only come up with an idea for about 30 minutes at most. If 4 people discuss for 4 hours, the labor cost is 16 hours.

I think it's pretty much the same as using a whiteboard.