When you find a problem 4. Brainstorm with everyone


In order to avoid problems discussed on the spot, what is done at the site of ideas is, "To investigate the cause, let's get together, brainstorm and write down the cause using sticky notes and online whiteboards." and to convene.

It takes approximately this amount of time to work.
・A lot of writing is 1 hour
・2 hours for grouping and mapping
・ 1 hour to organize materials (may take longer)
There is sharing work for members who are not participating this time.

It's a common practice.

Issues with the Perspective of the Invited Side
This command is a command that steals people's time . When invited, I naturally participate because I am an adult and receive a salary, but the invited side says, "I honestly don't care about this problem," "I have other work to do," and "I want to go home early." I feel that "Please don't take away the precious time of my life."

30 minutes is perfectly fine, but 4 hours is too much.

Mobility perspective

I always do this with someone. Alone, you almost certainly wouldn't do it. Because "Travel is a roadside strategy". Therefore, the mobility is overwhelmingly bad.

The basics of work are "people who want to do it", but in general, people with a high level of enthusiasm can talk faster when they deepen their thoughts at once.

content point of view

The most important thing is "how much the cause is in the field". The total time to write it out is 3 hours for both, but the person who wrote it down by himself thought, "Wow, it's refreshing to find out the main cause!" will be "I don't know if there is a real cause, but let's summarize for the time being."

Even if the total time is the same 3 hours, when one person submits an idea that is easy to convince, he or she thinks deeply for 3 hours. I haven't deepened it, so most of the time I don't reach a satisfactory level (I don't put out enough).

I wish I could just pop out as much as I want in my breastnotes.

The difference is whether you stopped because you were satisfied or because the time came.

If you are not satisfied, take a break, leave it for a day,
You can do it at a cafe.
The latter cannot.

That's the difference.

Easy to start for people with passion If this problem appears,

〇Comparison from the point of view of time It costs labor costs accordingly, and if there are 3 people, 4 hours x 3 people = 12 hours is wasted.
Since it is done by multiple people, other than the really important "writing" work,
Well, almost certainly "2 hours for grouping and mapping, 1 hour for organizing materials" will occur.

〇 Management perspective From the perspective of management,
If you can find the problem with the middle strike,
Less total working hours is better.
That's why the labor costs will rise.