Winning method supplement 3: This winning method is just one way.



This winning method basically applies to the author's area of expertise, "the field of developing products and services."

Of course, even in the field of product and service development, there are wonderful new concept products that are not based on inconvenience or dissatisfaction. That is the difference between the schools of the idea process . It's just one school that says, "If you feel inconvenience or dissatisfaction, it's easy to come up with new products."

There are also product areas that do not correspond to inconvenience or dissatisfaction . For example, inconvenience and dissatisfaction do not apply to "making a new game" or "making a new Japanese sweet".

If your area of idea is the area to eliminate inconvenience and dissatisfaction, please try using this. On the other hand, if it is a field of ideas where inconvenience and dissatisfaction do not apply, it would be a good idea to think about "what is the shortest route to produce?"