Winning strategy supplement 7: With multiple people?


I think the number of people is also important if you want to issue 100 inconveniences and dissatisfactions. Personally, I think it's better than 10 people making a total of 100 , or 100 people making a total of 100 .

It is recommended to put out a total of 100 by one person

is. The reason for this is not the adult process of "Produce 100 ideas and choose one from them", but rather, " When I produced 100 ideas, an amazing idea naturally came to my mind ... I did this. It's because I'm aiming for the phenomenon of "I can't help it ( no, let me do it ) " . Is it the difference that the former is chosen by the head, and the latter is chosen by instinct?

If you say, "No, it's better for 3 people to put out 100 because -", it's hard to give a logical and clear counterargument, but personally,

If there are 3 people , each of them will put out 100 pieces for a total of 300 pieces.

I think it's better. If you do that, you will come up with three strongest ideas, so it's a great deal.

Of course, I think it's okay to have different styles.