Winning method Chapter 4-3 The reason why you can naturally get a lot when you use it


Brainstorm Notebook has 6 components that “1 .

01: The squares are subdivided, and the squares continue infinitely → You can easily write on it like a sticky note → "Hmm, this might be a bit strange." → I can come up with something I never thought of → I repeat it → I can naturally produce a lot

02: You can spread the paper infinitely → You don't have to worry about where you write on the paper → Thinking is not interrupted in the middle → You can keep putting out in the same rhythm all the time → You can naturally put out a lot

03: Can be used in a space of about 2 A4 spreads Can be used like a normal notebook → You can write wherever you want, on a small desk, at home, in a cafe → You can work at the moment you want to do → You can naturally produce a lot

04: No matter how much you put out, it can be folded into a compact size like A4 You can put it in your bag and carry it When you get tired, you can take it out at a cafe, work from home, or take it out at the park Feel free to change your mood Feel free to continue to put out Naturally put out a lot

05: Write by hand → You can express immediately when you want to express it with an illustration or organize it with a positioning map → You can express what you came up with immediately and roughly → You can naturally express a lot

06: Even if you spread it out, you can put it away immediately → You can "take out only 5 minutes" in the gap time → You can naturally put out a lot