A New Dimensional Idea Experience

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The bellows x squares are amazing!

Idea professionals and beginners alike

The idea experience will be a new dimension

A: We gave a lot! △ B: I can't do it anymore...◎

A: Which plan should we choose? △ B: No money needed! let me do this! ask! ◎

Reason 1

easy to put out


easy to put out

1: Because it is divided into small pieces, it is easy to take out easily 2: It is easy to take out easily because the squares continue

Reason 2

I can put it out all the time


can take out at any time

at the cafe


100 proposals at the fastest speed in the world

will be able to get out

Speed = Is it easy to put out × Can you keep putting it out all the time × Can you put it out at any time
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