For the strongest idea notebook


Idea note is breast note 005 1 choice

Brain Note 005 will be the strongest idea notebook.

01: Ease of writing is the strongest in the world

There is no other notebook that is so easy to write

02: Ease of comparison is the strongest in the world

too easy to overlook

03: Ease of managing ideas is the strongest in the world

Especially numbered models

04: The world's strongest ease of being seen by people

There is no other idea notebook that can be shown as it is at the dispatch meeting in case of emergency

05: Sort in case of emergency

It is a one-shot disjointed scan



If you write normally in a notebook, it will look messy like this.

When I take notes on memo paper, as the number of ideas increases, I lose track of which ones are which, and I lose the desire to put them out.

It is recommended to put Brainstorm Notebook 005 in a clear file by genre and put it together with a zipper file.


In addition, if you choose a numbering model, it will be an even more powerful idea notebook that makes managing ideas super easy.