How to explain when showing all ideas


Explain only "favorite idea"

I think that there are various styles of sharing methods, but I will introduce a template for how to explain when showing all ideas.

The flow is like this.
① I've been thinking about the theme ***** of the other day.
(2) In conclusion, I would like to go with this plan.
③The reason is *****.
(4) As for the process, we came up with ideas like this and other ideas based on these policies, but in the end we thought that this plan was the best.
⑤ How do you like it?

Even if you come up with 100 ideas, I think it's okay to explain only the conclusion. If you have a separate, easy-to-read document like PowerPoint, I think it's fine to just show it without explanation.

Please try to arrange the sharing method in various ways so that it is easy to convey.