Features for Beginners


Eliminates the feeling of being weak in coming up with ideas

I don't think there is a tool that makes it easier to come up with ideas. It is a tool that I would like people who do not make a living out of ideas to use .

It is easy to overcome feelings of weakness
The Brainstorm Notebook has a feature that makes it easy to overcome the "difficulty in coming up with ideas".
・Because you can write one idea at a time, you can easily write without worrying about the layout. It can be done<br>If you repeat this, I think that you will naturally come up with various ideas.

Easy to use
It is also a great point that you can use it easily.
Can be started at any time (easy to prepare)
Can be stopped at any time (easy to clean up)
Not bulky (easy to store)
・ Can be used at home or in a cafe (portable, even on a small desk)

Even if you don't use it at work, how about using it like this?
・Think of gift ideas for your friends ・Write down who you want to be in the future ・Write down your daily complaints
・ Write down your gratitude (How about sending it to your partner or friend?)