Returns correspondence





5 things to note about returns




1. commodity condition


Only unopened items can be returned. Please note that items that have been opened cannot be returned. (Because the package is transparent, it is possible to check the contents in an unopened state.) )




2. Deadline for returns


We accept returns by mail to the location designated by us within 7 days from the date of arrival of the product . If 7 days have passed since the item arrived, it cannot be returned.




3. Sales outlet



Products that can be returned are limited to those purchased on the Sosoho Store website ( . Returns of our products purchased at other stores cannot be accepted at the Osouhou Store.




4. return shipping cost



・If the delivered product is different or the product is seriously damaged, we will bear the shipping fee for returning the product, so please send it by cash on delivery.


・In addition, if the customer wishes to return the product, the customer will be responsible for the return shipping fee .




5. Blurred numbering



The problem that part of the numbering is blurred (not printed) is a problem that inevitably occurs due to manufacturing technology, so we cannot accept returns due to the blurred numbering. Please note.




Return procedure flow


1. Please send an email to with the following information. If the information is incomplete, we cannot accept returns.
・Customer information (name, address, e-mail address entered at the time of purchase)
・Purchase information (name of the purchased product, purchase number, date of arrival of the product)
・Reason for return (return due to personal reasons, wrong product , serious damage to product, etc.)
・Response after desired return (refund, exchange, etc.)
・Condition of the product received 1 (Please describe in sentences)
・Condition 2 of the received product (Please send us a photo)
2. After confirming the above, we will reply to you. If the return conditions are not met, we may not be able to accept the return. If there is no problem, we will contact you with your mailing address.
3. Please follow the procedure for mailing the product to the address specified by our company. The shipping fee is as described in " 4 : Return shipping fee" above. Please pack the product in the same condition as it was delivered, with all accessories included.
4. After confirming that the product has been delivered without any problems, we will handle refunds, exchanges, etc. Please note that it may take several days to process a refund or exchange. (Refunds and exchanges cannot be accepted if the purchased product or the product that is different from the photo is mailed.)