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About us








Ground size = My thought size









Ideation Technologies Store

It is a shop that sells a product called Idea method. It is operated by HASSOHO Inc.








Corporate philosophy

Sharing of the best idea methods



things to do


(1) In the field of ideas, production and distribution of the most powerful sword that anyone can handle.
(2) In the field of ideas, the activation of magic that can reach to the other side of the earth.



What we want to achieve

To realize affluent lifestyles, technological progress, and regular work hours around the world.












Yoshihiro Koh




Career of representative

1991-2016 Born and raised in Kyoto
2010-2016 Develop skills to create attractive new concept products
2016-2020 Develop the skills to create attractive products
2020-2022 Realize attractive products

Completed graduate studies at Kyoto Institute of Technology



Patented inventions: 15 total applications filed / Design inventions: 80 total applications filed / Numerous awards received / Record for consecutive days of wearing a turtleneck for 2,385 days (currently being renewed)



Japanese (native) / English (DeepL)