Need a group?


It is a tool for concentrating on "putting out"

Brainstorm Notebook makes it easier to do just the “experience of coming up with ideas” of sticky notes.
With sticky notes, I write down small pieces, so ideas naturally come out. Specifically, it's bulky, you can't continue at the cafe, and it's peeled off and you don't know the order.
In the first place, what I want is not a mapping that divides ideas into groups, but a couple of strongest ideas (strongest concept, strongest story) . We made Brainstorm Notebook for this purpose.

A: This mapping is the product.
B: These three proposals are the deliverables, and the remaining 97 proposals have been discarded.


Of course, there are some types of ideas that should be rearranged (such as a summary of observational research), so I think it would be good to use sticky notes, online whiteboards, and Brainstorm Notebook as appropriate.