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HASSOHO®F1 (New conception process for 16:9 image study)

HASSOHO®F1 (New conception process for 16:9 image study)

16:9 mass design S/for video review/design registration No. 1729797 / square ratio 16:9/paper size: approx. A4 (297 mm x 203.2 mm)/perforations on folds/high-quality paper/specification video Click here /Made in Japan/Developer's Comment: Recommended for drafting presentation materials and storyboards for videos. If you turn it 90 degrees and use it as a vertically long square, you can use it for short videos for smartphones and video reviews for SNS stories.
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Numbering (Brainstorm Notebook F1)

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Brainstorm Notebook

It's really strange that such a great idea tool has never existed in the world.

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It's a time-saving technology that's been around for two and a half years.

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How to use Brainstorm Notebook F1

Recommended best 3

1. Video storyboard

It is recommended for all people involved in video, regardless of whether they are professionals or amateurs.

2.Draft presentation materials

It is recommended when considering drafts of presentation materials such as PowerPoint.

If you choose a numbering model, you can easily insert (quote) into squares in the middle of the distance.

By the way, it seems that many of Steve Jobs' famous presentations were always thought out on paper at first.

3.Short video for smartphone

Use the paper in landscape orientation. Vertical short videos such as TikTok can also be used for reviewing 9:16 videos.

Of course, it can also be used to consider images and videos for stories such as Instagram.

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