Initiatives for the global environment




Consideration for the global environment in product packaging



Brainstorm Notebook product packaging uses plastic packaging from the perspective of waterproofing, etc. to deliver products to customers safely. Therefore, from the viewpoint of materials, it is not possible to consider the global environment .


However, by reviewing the way packaging should be and adopting a package designed to "minimize the amount of plastic waste that will inevitably occur", we have taken the global environment into consideration.






Concrete device



We have adopted a package design based on the “long-use concept” that allows the product to be used naturally for a long time.


For details, please see the product package development story.





How it will be done in the future



Currently, we have given up on using it due to cost issues, but we are considering using a plastic package that contains plant-derived biomass components in the future. Specifically, it can contribute to "conservation of petroleum resources" and "reduction of CO2 emissions."


・"Conservation of petroleum resources": Conservation of petroleum resources can be achieved by blending plant-derived raw materials during manufacturing.

・"Reduction of CO2 emissions": CO2 generated by incineration at the time of disposal is absorbed by the plants used as raw materials for manufacturing, creating a virtuous cycle that does not increase CO2 .