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Supplement to winning strategy 1: Reasons for not coming up with ideas



If you suddenly come up with an idea, you will get two kinds of ideas. "( 1 ) Ideas that came out of nowhere" and "( 2 ) Ideas that came up after grasping inconvenience and dissatisfaction."



In the case of (1), even if you are not aware of it yourself, after discussion, inconveniences and dissatisfactions will emerge, and it may grow into a good idea . Of course there is. but,

It's a matter of luck.

If you want to acquire a "winning method" that you can be sure of winning before you start working, I do not recommend leaving it to chance.



Most of ② is "I have an inconvenience or dissatisfaction that I want to solve in my head, but for the time being, I wrote an example to solve it as an idea ". Then, there is always the task of digging into the good points of the idea to find out, "So this was a solution to this inconvenience or dissatisfaction ," or the task of explaining, "This is the intention." increase.

This is a long way around.



Even if you start with an idea, the final focus is inconvenient and dissatisfied, so if it's the shortest route, you should bring out the inconvenience and dissatisfaction from the beginning. Rather,

“If you had to choose one inconvenience or dissatisfaction, which would it be?”

is insanely difficult and will be the concept behind all future work, so we should concentrate on this work .


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